Northern Italy

ITALY at the feet

of the Alps

Northern Italy, a land embraced by mountains

and crossed by major rivers

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Territories rich in History, Traditions, Arts,

and excellent Wine and fine Food.

From the Dolomitic peaks of the Alps,

a mountain lover's paradise, to the vertical

cliffs plunging into the blue sea of Liguria.

Land of the Greatest Italian Lakes

and the beautiful Palladian Villas.

Medieval castles, bastion of the Alpine

Valleys. From the Langhe hills in Piedmont

to Valdobbiadene where Prosecco wine

is made, it's a sequence of gentle hills

where vineyards seem perfect in their forms,

treated by expert men for centuries.

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immagine 5_nord_italia            Major cities such as Turin,

Genoa, Milan, Venice

and Bologna describe

a millenary history between

ancient and modern

Italian lifestyle.

We will make you

feel as a main actor 

discovering Italy.

Milan: the fashion capital

of the world.

Turin: Savoy city of

elegance, with over 60

km of arcades where you

can find temples of Italian


Venice : where the West

meets the ancient oriental


Mantova: a treasure of arts

at Gonzaga Court.

With us you will experience

the most authentic and secret

places of this wonderful

territory and enjoy its lifestyle

and the opportunity to taste

its culinary highlights.

We will make you feel as a

main actor discovering Italy.

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