Islands of Italy

Islands of Italy,

endless spring time

Fascinating islands in the middle of the

Mediterranean sea where ancient civilizations

have left an indelible mark on its history

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The two large islands Sicily and Sardinia and

then dozen of small islands of great beauty such

as Capri and Pantelleria. Sicily, scent of flowers

of oranges and lemons, where spring is always in

the air, from one end to the other its an incredible

open air museum of Art and Architecture.

The heritage of ancient Greco Roman

civilizations that dominated Sicily in the many

archeological sites: Segesta, Agrigento,

Piazza Armerina, Siracusa and Taormina. Arid

and rocky mountains, vulcanos and fields of

pistachio trees and prickly pears, that recall the

landscapes of classical mythology



                      Cities such as Palermo,
                      elegant, cultural, artistic,
                      like an Arabic town
                      in the western world.
                      Sardinia, cradled
                      by the sea, a land beyond
                      time and history that does
                      not resemble any other
                      places. The fascinating
                      and mysterious Nuraghic
                     civilization with its archaic
                     stone houses and giants
                     graves, sugar-white beaches

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in a turquoise sea
and the cliffs of pink granite
among strawberry trees,
myrtle and colorful spurges.
An island where the rural
and shepherd culture
has always kept alive
its traditions. Aeolian Islands,
home of Aeolus,
the Greek god of the winds,
with active volcanoes
that rise from the sea.
Capri, jewel of Italy,
where artists
and poets have been
fascinated by its magical
Elba, a green oasis
in the Tuscan
archipelago with infinite
horizons, golden
beaches caressing
the crystal blue waters.
Tremiti Islands, pearls
of the Adriatic, cathedrals
of vertical rock, unique
shapes carved by the sea.
And many other minor
islands, less known
but no less beautiful,
secret treasures
of the Italian peninsula.

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With us you will experience the most authentic and secret

places of this wonderful territory and enjoy its lifestyle and 

the opportunity to taste its culinary highlights.



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