South Italy

Italy's sun, sea

and wind

Southern Italy, a dream to live between art, nature and culture,

origin of the Mediterranean cuisine

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White villages plunging into the deep blue sea, steep

cliffs dressed with Mediterranean vegetation; active

volcanoes that have affected the human history,

myths and legends of this area. A land rich of ancient

traditions and culinary recipes which make

the heritage of the Mediterranean cuisine recognized

and protected worldwide. Regions by the slow pace

which give peace and serenity to those who live there.

Puglia endless olive trees fields, real living sculptures,

twisted trunks signed by the time in a region

considered "the Secret of Italy." Romanesque

Cathedrals and Swabian Castles, unique and

impressive artistic treasures of this age.


Rich territory with several

UNESCO sights , such

as the famous Trulli

of Valle d'Itria, limestone

dwellings remarkable

examples of drywall

construction, a prehistoric

building technique still in use

in this region. Cities such

as Naples, situated in one

of the most beautiful bays

in the world, including

the Amalfi Coast

and Pompeii destroyed

by the volcano Vesuvius

over 2000 years ago, in 79 A.D.

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With us you will experience the most authentic and secret places of this

wonderful territory and enjoy its lifestyle and the opportunity to taste its

culinary highlights. We will make you feel as a main actor discovering Italy.

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Lecce with its unique

elegant baroque buildings,           

made possible

by the soft local stone.

The Caves of Matera

an example of cultural

tradition and civilization

which stretches back

to Neolithic Age.

The Frederick II castle

of Castel del Monte,

a masterpiece of medieval

military architecture.

Its form is perfect,

its design a harmonious

blend of cultural elements.

Otranto, called "East Gate"

and Unesco heritage

for a Culture of Peace,

known for its wonderful

beaches, with white sand

and crystal-clear water

and the fascinating

old town centre.


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